This page contains nearly 40 images of India shot during a five week period in 2002. They are mostly images of Tamil Nadu, especially from the temple sites and towns of Tanil Nadu.    There are also images of  Bombay, Karnakata and Maharashstra.



                                                                     Dhobi Ghats (laundry), BombayThe laundry, Bombay




                                                                     Taking a shower, Dhobi Ghats, BombayShowering at Dhobi Ghats





                                                                     Dhobi Ghats, Bombay





                                                                     Dhobi Ghats, BombayDhobi Ghats, Bombay





                                                                     Dhobi ghats, BombayWork finished, Bombay




                                                                     Gingy fort Tamil NaduAgriculture below Gingy fort





                                                                     Gingy fort, Tamil NaduThe village below Gingy fort





                                                                     Hundi at Gangaikondacholapuram, Tamil NaduCounting the Hundi, Gangaikondacholapuram





                                                                     Farmer near Tiruchirapali





                                                                     Farmers, Tiruchirapali, Tamil NaduMore farmers near Tiruchirapali, Tamil Nadu





                                                                     Srirangam temple entrance, Tamil NaduSrirangam Temple entrance





                                                                     Roof view of Srirangam temple





                                                                     Counti Hundi at Srirangam, Tamil NaduHundi at Srirangam




                                                                     Praying atSrirangam temple, Tamil NaduPraying at Srirangam temple, Tamil Nadu





                                                                     Thanjavur temple, Tamil NaduTemple at Thanjavur





                                                                     Marigold sellers Mysore market





                                                                     Knife grinder, Mysore marketKnife grinder, Mysore market





                                                                     Vihara with pots





                                                                     Marigold sellers, Mysore marketMysore market





                                                                     Tourists at Pattadakal, KarnakataFamily outing, Pattadakal temple





                                                                     Water carriers, Pattadakal, KarnakataWatering the garden, Pattadakal





                                                                     Rice paddy near Pattadakal, KarnakataRice paddy near Pattadakal





                                                                     Sowing rice near Pattadakal





                                                                     Sowing rice near Pattadakal, KarnakataOxen and plough near Pattadakal





                                                                     Rice paddy, near HampiRice paddy






                                                                     Road workers, Ootacamund, Tamil NaduRoad workers, Ooty





                                                                     Melon seller, near Vijayanagar, KarnakataDelicious melons, near Vijayanagar





                                                                     Temple at HampiTemple at Hampi






                                                                     Oxen rolling rice





                                                                     Open air restaurant, Vijayanagar, KarnakataRestaurant, Vijayanagar





                                                                     Bathers, Vijayanagar (Hampi), KarnatakaBathers, Vijayanagar





                                                                     Boy at Kanchipuram, Tamil NaduBoy at Kanchipuram, Tanil Nadu





                                                                     Children at Kanchipuram, Tamil NaduKanchipuram, Tamil Nadu





                                                                     School run, PondicherrySchool run, Pondicherry





                                                                     Village store near Hospet, KarnatakaVillage store near Hospet





                                                                     Kaveri River near HospetDoing the washing, Kaveri river near Hospet









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